Global Tech Academy 





1715 E. Forest Ave.

Ypsilanti MI

(734) 390-9625


Global Tech Academy’s educational program will use 21st Century tools to benefit learners by developing student’ s critical thinking skills and increasing engagement in the learning process. In addition to the instruction of the core content areas of English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies taught by national and state standards.Global Tech Academy will also work in partnership with the Office of Urban Education and Educational Equity (OUEEE) as a professional development school for the preparation of urban teachers.The educational program will be focused around the name of the Academy, Global Tech.


The students at Global Tech from Kindergarten through 5th grade have the opportunity to explore and learn the Spanish language and culture. The social studies curriculum meets all Michigan standards and benchmarks required.


A kindergarten student enters school with excitement and wonder; they have been exposed to technology for the first five years of their life from cell phones, television to computers. For a school to not have these materials, a school can disengage a student from their education.Global Tech Academy will use technology to not just replace traditional materials such as using an interactive whiteboard versus an LCD projector but technology will be used to enhance student’s engagement as well.Technology will be integrated to enhance content as well as evidenced directly in students’ products and performances. Fifth grade students will be required to develop a digital portfolio of their mastery of common core standards. This portfolio will not only be presented to the school stakeholders but showcased online. Global Tech Academy also realizes the need for parents to be engaged in technology, especially those in the Ypsilanti community. Parents having access to 21st century tools to work with their children and improve their technology skills is essential.Therefore, there is a Parent Room that is equipped with three computers,open for parents use during the school day


 The Center serves pre-school children on Monday through Thursday and is part of the Michigan Great Start Readiness Program. It complies with all applicable laws and regulations. The Center’s objective is to provide a high-quality preschool experience for four-year old children. In our program we believe children learn best when they are engaged in purposeful activities that allow them to interact with their environment in authentic ways, constructing knowledge through planning, exploration, experimentation, and reflection. We will create a rich learning environment that reflects the interests of the children and facilitates intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and language development. Our goal is to partner with families in promoting the growth and development of young children. We are committed to building positive relationships between school and home.